The current scenario in logistics domain does not support continuous monitoring and tracking of goods and services. With Blockchain Technology, the movement of goods from one place to another place can be tracked on a continuous basis. The data remains immutable.

Tools, Dies & Moulds Management :
This is a blockchain based application to capture the entire life cycle of Tools, Dies & Moulds – from manufacturing through its usage, maintenance & repair cycles till its retirement. The solution provides for an end to end traceability (Track and Trace) of the TD&M by capturing, date of manufacturing and manufacturing cost, usage of each and every TDM, maintenance and repair history. Additionally the retirement/End of life alerts will provide for better planning of the production. The various stakeholders like manufacturers, users of TDMs to produce components, maintenance and repair partners and retirement location can access and view the relevant data. Another critical value addition is the smart contracts that covers invoices, test reports, lead time details (inward and outbound shipping dates etc. between the stakeholders.