A one-stop app to empower and enhance efficiency of your employees. The features include Geo fencing, Attendance management, leave management, payroll processing, asset management tracking and exit Management.


CRM involves activities and strategies that can be used to manage your interaction with current and potential customers. CRM allows you to drill down vertically from having 100’s of leads to just a few prospects and then finally reaching out to the right customer. It uses data analysis about customer's history with a company and to improve business relationships with customers.

Sales & Distribution Automation

For companies distributing and selling their products , through retailers , inorder to facilitate billing and managing their distribution channel effectively this part of M-Power360 comes into picture

Zero-D (Video Conferencing)

Open Video call / conferencing features that helps in instant and direct call / message / screen shares with any employees of your organisation

Pharma Sales Force Automation

This module of M-Power360 is specially designed and built for reporting and monitoring of the medical representatives . Monitoring of the medical representatives is done through location - based tracking system.


News bulletin feature of this application. Chai time/ E-Magazine to keep employees abreast of latest company happenings. Ability to broadcast a message internally to all employees. You can know what events/news is going on across your group companies while sipping your beverages.

Kaizen Suggestion Box

Kaizen Suggestion Box to elicit suggestions from the employees. These suggestions will be taken into consideration and rectified by higher officials. This will improvise the quality of the product as well as the growth of the company.

Fun Corner

This section contains exciting mind-relaxing games for employees to take a break from their busy schedule.

Learning Management System

Facilitate and monitor continuous learning of the employees with a backend Learning Management System, which helps associates of the organisation to gain knowledge about subject/ courses assigned to each one of them. This in-turn keeps the employees up to date about the latest technology which is trending in the market.

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